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Since 1975, KOTO has provided the Telluride region with high-quality, commercial-free, non-underwritten community radio. Listener-supported KOTO’s radio mission is to entertain, educate, and inform while reflecting the needs, desires, and diversity of our community.

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KOTO Kudos!

Stand up, take a bow, pat yourself on the back and give yourself a round of applause!  YOU made KOTO’s Winter Funraising a huge success!  As a community of people, near and far, you showed your support for KOTO and community radio.  In just 8 days you pledged over $50,000 – you’re amazing!

Preparation and planning went into enhancing programming for our listeners during our on-air drive March 12 – 19th.  Your favorite DJs, who also happen to be your friends, family and neighbors, used social media, emails and good-old fashioned telephone calls to reach their individual goals of $300.  They came into the studio prepared to share their love of radio and knowledge of music from a multitude of genres to rock the purple house on Pine Street.

Guest DJs from all walks of life were invited into KOTO during those 8 days to reach out to the community and share their reasons for supporting KOTO.  There are too many list all of them but Stu & Ginny Fraser, Peter Yarrow, Beth Kelly, Pepper Raper, Amy Peters, Beth Lamberson, Katherine Warren, David Oyster and Adam, Michelle, Geneva and Laura, representatives from our most recent new businesses in town, the local marijuana shops, are a few of the folks kind enough to drop in and take over the airwaves.  Artist Roger Mason donated an original piece of work to be sold with the proceeds going toward KOTO and he entertained us in the studio with his quick wit and high energy.  On St. Patrick’s Day the KOTO staff were fortunate enough to nab the positions of on-air official taste testers of the 1st Annual Corned Beef Cook-off between St. Patrick’s Church and the Elks Club, which made for incredibly powerful radio.

A walk down memory lane with alumni DJs kicked off the week as they called in from around the country.  The theme carried throughout the Funraising as we welcomed back many of our favorite alums, including Electric Angel, Girl from Ipanema, Joan of Rock, Shiso Sushi, Mr. Wobbers Neighborhood, The Colbert Report and Big Daddy Ray to name a few.  They had as much fun being back in the studio as we had listening to them.

Our $50,000 goal was not met by collecting large donations and calling it a day.  We are fortunate to have several donors that pledged $1,000 or more – several of which used their donor as a match to encourage others to call in and pledge.  The vast majority of donors, however, remain members that support multiple DJs by pledging $25 or less to different shows to show their support.  Radio DJs volunteer their time and talents to entertain and educate their listeners.  Pledging your dollars to a particular show validates their efforts and commitment to community radio.

People support KOTO for many reasons.  Some people love and want more NPR, others rely upon the local news and public affairs programming, for years people have tuned into Trash or Treasure or the Community Carpool and many love the commercial free music that is as eclectic as the volunteer DJs.  A very important niche that KOTO occupies in the community is to provide a platform for all of our sister not-for-profits to promote their services and events.  We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say that your donation to KOTO is one of the hardest working dollars you will ever gift. 

A KOTO kudos to everyone that has provided their support to the KOTO DJs, volunteers, board of directors and staff the past several months.  As a family we work diligently to “inform, educate and entertain” our listeners 365 days a year.  You make it possible for us to be here.  We are humbled and grateful by your generous spirit.  Thank you.  Dina Coates Koebler Executive Director 


 Click HERE for “A Letter from the San Miguel Educational Fund Board

Community Calendar

Tuesday, April 22nd:  


At the Nugget Theatre in Telluride TONIGHT  “MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN”  (PG) is having two showings:  5:30 and 7:30pm.

Looking to fulfill those dreams you’ve always had of being a KOTO DJ?  There will be a KOTO DJ Training class happening this Thursday, April 24th from 1-5pm at the KOTO towers of 207 N. Pine Street.  Get trained and do some fill-in shows to excite your off-season.  Email or call 728-4334 to sign up.  Don’t delay, space is limited!

There is a Cub Scout Pack 500 and Boy Scout Troop 500 Meeting TODAY, at 3:30 p.m., Elks Lodge.  For more info, please contact Janet Kask at 708-1264

The Telluride Communty Garden is now accepting applications for the 2014 growing season. If interested in a garden plot, or for more info, please contact Jason at or call 970 728 0524.

Wilkinson Public Library’s new down valley book return drop box is on the M&M Mercantile porch in Placerville and is now is service! There will be a small party to officially open the drop box TODAY from 4:30 to 6:30 in the parking lot of the M&M Mercantile.  Everyone is invited to come by for cupcakes and beverages and music!

There is a 5-Day Wilderness First Responder course happening from May 2-6 in Telluride. Registration deadline is April 25th. Please visit or contact Kevin at 729-2779.

The Connecting Point School of Massage is now accepting applications for our upcoming Esthetics Certification Program. An informative question and answer session with Lead Instructor Mercedes Gall and School Director Caycee Ames will be held at Glow Spa in Ridgway this Friday, April 25th from 2 to 4pm. For more information please visit

This Thursday, April 24th, the Telluride Film Festival Presents the critically acclaimed documentary, PARTICLE FEVER , with an introduction by Nana Naisbitt, Executive Director of the Telluride Science Research Center.  One SHOW only, 5:30pm at the Nugget Theatre.  Free admission for students!  No Nugget passes, please.



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Our Winter On-Air Fundraising Period this year was between March 12th through March 19th, 2014.  We can’t thank our supporters enough for raising over $50,000 in a mere 8 days!  Even though our on-air fundraising is over, please continue to show your support to KOTO Community Radio whenever you can! Click HERE TO DONATE and don’t forget to mention which show or program you would like to donate to in the comment section!  Thank you again for supporting KOTO Community Radio!