The KOTO Citizens Advisory Board will meet on these dates in 2019 in the Hotel Telluride lobby:

Thursday March 14, 2019 at 5pm

Tuesday June 11, 2019 at 5pm

Thursday September 12, 2019 at 5pm

Tuesday December 10, 2019 at 5pm

Notes from the March 14, 2019 C.A.B. Meeting

Hotel Telluride KOTO Citizens Advisory Board Quarterly meeting 

In Attendance: Ben Kerr, Michael Haberkorn, Jennifer Ogilvie, Jerry Greene, Janet Humphreys

1) Revisited the topic of sending a revised Survey Monkey to KOTO members. Main questions revolve around programming, times of programming, local shows and syndicated shows. There has been an old survey in existence for years with hundreds of responses. This would be an updated version. 

* All CAB members are in support of any communication that brings listeners feedback into the studio *

2) New discussion on local and syndicated programming:

* Ideas included bringing BBC back into the mix and possibly Indian News Now / Native Voice One

* Incorporate more local Telluride-based musicians / bands

* In-Studio sessions and interviews with bands traveling through town

* Bring Tom (owner of Telluride Music) into the studio or even air sessions from his music shop

3) Rewrite a letter to be posted on the website highlighting the current political discussion of presidential cuts to the Corporate Public Broadcasting organization. There had been a letter drafted by the CAB that called attention to this matter, and CAB feels that with the current political state, it could assist in fundraising for the station. (Remember that 1/3 of the KOTO budget comes from CPB).

4) Lastly, the CAB would like to draft an email to KOTO members, asking for and encouraging participation in the Citizens Advisory Board. This letter has nothing to do with fundraising, only asking for feedback for the beloved radio station!

Resolution of the San Miguel Educational Fund (SMEF)         7/97

 WHEREAS SMEF is the owner and operator of community radio station KOTO, and

WHEREAS the SMEF board is empowered by its bylaws to carry out and delegate policy decisions regarding the allocation

and scheduling of broadcast and production work, and

WHEREAS it is the mission of KOTO to provide the highest level of programming to the community it serves, and

 WHEREAS SMEF believes it is positive to promote the discussion of programming with representatives of the board, KOTO, staff, volunteers and listeners

 Now, therefore be it resolved that KOTO establish a  “programming advisory board (CAB)” with the following general powers and procedures:


Make-up and appointment

 The board will consist of ___members:     1   from the SMEF board;     1    from the staff (one of whom will be the program director);

and the remainder from volunteers and/or listeners.  The CAB will be appointed by the SMEF board.  Terms shall be for a period of     4    years.

Volunteer/listener seat openings shall be announced on the community calendar with statements of interest requested.


Powers of the Board

 The CAB is delegated the power to:      1) Discuss and make recommendations to the program director, regarding past, current and future programming.

     2) Review, discuss and make specific recommendations  regarding programming policy to the SMEF board, either at the request of SMEF or by the initiative of the CAB.

     3) CAB may develop and make programming awards.


Procedures of the Board

 1) The board shall meet generally on a quarterly basis.  Its  meetings shall be public. 2) Governing and operation of the CAB meetings shall be

determined by CAB. 3) CAB may, on occasion, use the KOTO airwaves to promote  programming discussion and public input.