Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed: the Sunset Series in Mountain Village

Emmylou Harris, in her interview this past weekend on KOTO, discussed how Telluride is a place where she comes when she is hungry and needs to be fed. She was speaking about how Telluride is a place where you are sure to be exposed to new music and musicians who come from all over the world to our little mountain town to share their gifts.

Luckily for us, the Mountain Village Sunset Concert Series keeps the fire burning in the wake of Bluegrass, giving you no chance to slow down, no matter how tired you might be from late nights in the campground, early morning tarp runs or baking in the sun and dancing like hell to your favorite band in this summertime green valley with all of your friends.

From tonight and each Wednesday through August, in what may be the best kept secret in Telluride, these free shows are 6-8pm on the lawn at the top of the Chondola in Mountain Village. And once again this year, we are lucky to have such world class music come through our little remote part of the world. 

When I heard Emmylou Harris on the radio talking about how she comes to Telluride when she’s hungry, I  immediately thought of the red-hot jam by The Motet preaching on the same theme.  So come out to these free shows and be introduced to some new music, or stay home and go hungry, because a “Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed.” Check out yours truly, DJ Mary Prankster’s picks for the summer below --  


Tonight is the kickoff sunset show featuring Kabaka Pyramid, a reggae artist from Kingston, Jamaica, and if you haven’t heard of him yet, it’s because you’re not paying attention. Like most reggae artists, his music and his message is to combat just that, to get you to pay attention! He just released his first full length album Kontraband, and it’s making big waves that are spilling over to reach the masses.

Kabaka Pyramid hot tracks, “Well Done,” “Borders,” “Make Way” 


Next Tuesday and Wednesday are back to back sunset shows on account of the holiday, and they’re both not to be missed.  Tuesday July 3rd is Paul Thorn from Mississippi with his muddy, dirty, delicious blues grooves with opener Foxfeather, a five piece alt-blues band from Boulder, who holds up to their hipster name with innocent, quirky, dreamy tunes. 

July 4th we get assaulted by the friendliest rock and roll band to come out of New Orleans, Dave Jordan and the NIA.  The NIA stands for “neighborhood improvement association,” born from a time when Dave would post up at his local bar to jam with friends and witness how things would unfold around them both on and off stage.  You might not think that letting his entire 6 piece band crash on your couch for a week would lead to any sort of neighborhood improvement, but I can attest to the fact that we were treated to a week of sweet jams in the living room, jokes both funny and painful, a whole lot of gumbo and a southern charm from the whole damn band that can only make things better. Plus Porch Couch opens, and they’re straight outta our own neighborhood and worth a listen whenever you can catch them on a porch or neighborhood bar.

The Teskey Brothers are coming to us on July 11 all the way from Australia, a 4 piece band of young dudes who look like they would be your best buddies at the campground at 4am, but when you hear them play, you’re more likely to think you’re in church on Sunday morning with a gospel choir.  They have a new album out just last year called “Half Mile Harvest,” which track by track is smooth liquid gold to fill your veins and transport you to a different era where people danced with partners and actual steps. Can’t wait to see how this album, which they produced and recorded in their own home studio, translates into a live show.

The Teskey Brothers hot tracks: “Pain and Misery,” “Crying Shame”

Gavin Turek comes to town July 25, an LA native who has a dreamy, psychedelic electro-alt-pop sound has an EP collaboration with TOKiMONSTA called “You’re Invited,” which is just to say that these are the coolest kids in LA and you want to be invited to whatever they’re doing. She has also collaborated with contemporary soul singer Mayer Hawthorne in his band Tuxedo, and the main takeaway here is that you should come to this show looking fly and ready to dance.

My final recommendation for the summer is the band closing out the Sunset Series on August 15th, the Charlie Hunter Trio, who are le by a 7-string guitar virtuoso and not a trio at all as far as I can tell.  Let’s wait and see who is on the road with him, but expect anything from a trumpet, tenor sax, double bass, drums, congas and cow bell to show up. Meanwhile, give these tunes a listen to fill your day with groovy, up tempo jazz with some mellow funk mixed in.

Charlie Hunter Trio hot tunes: “Fistful of Haggis,” “Greasy Granny”

Mary Altman, aka Mary Prankster. Every-other Sunday, 12-2 p.m.