SMEF Board of Directors Meeting

Wilkinson Public Library

April 23, 2018



Meeting called to order 5:20pm


Board Members Present:

Mark Izard - President

Norman Squire - Vice President

Kathleen Erie - Treasurer

Lucas Price- acting secretary

Jennie Thomas

Jim Berkowitz


Board Members Absent:

Mark Dollard - Secretary


Public Comment

Wendy DJ Second Star on the Right feels badly about DJ requirements.

JB explained that we need help with fundraising and volunteering at station as well as at events. Jennie noted that people like Wendy are not the problem, that some DJs do not even pay attention to these concerns at all and that her comments were appreciated. More conversation ensued re this. Board suggested that we maintain a 'punch list' of items that need to be taken care of so that there is always something to do.

Old Business

March SMEF BOD meeting minutes passed unanimously.

Ethics policy to be reviewed then sent out to each board member to sign.

Eco-Actions work on KOTO studios is progressing.

We received first and only scholarship application from Soleil Gaylord.

CPB Audit Update - Pete Blair and Associates (deemed not as responsive as we'd like them to be) working on making deadline of May 31st, but might require an extension as it is a lengthy and difficult process.

KE shared that the YTD P and L looks good and that the balance sheet also is in good shape (cash up 30k and current liabilities down 30k). We are "totally current" with NPR.

Raffle tickets/Equipment - MI noted that at bottom of raffle tickets, it stated that the proceeds of raffle will fund equipment purchases. KE to cut check directly to equipment supplier.  Conversation ensued re the need for a new mixing board ($300) and possibly a translator upgrade for 89.3 ($6k). Geoff in his report stated that we need a generator for power outages and discussion ensued re various options. A better generator at the very least and possibly one that automatically turns on when power goes out. These automatic generators require a significant amount of physical space and require an electrician to hook up.

DJs need to be trained on how to power on generator as well as how to respond to incoming calls from local authorities and to fulfill our mission in re to informing the public during times of crisis. A protocol to be developed and Djs will be "recertified" on this issue. JT and Kara to form committee to attend to this.

Next board meeting in May scheduled for May 22nd due to several board members not being able to attend.

Hiring update etc.. - New hire Wendy is part time and not currently able to deal with IT issues. We need (for CPB rules) to have either 2 part time or one full time and we need a tech savvy staff member. We also need a fully functional (not square space which was supposed to only be temporary) website.  Thus, after much conversation, LP made motion that " JB work with BK1 to identify exactly what we need in a website, put out a request for proposal (RFP) to 10-12 website developers that would include a contract for a 3 -5 year maintenance plan. The request would identify KOTO as a worthy recipient of reduced cost. JT seconded and it passed unanimously. We also agreed that BK1 is to hire a part time staff member to deal with technical issues.

Staff Reports

Geoff not present, but comments on generator were brought up.

Ben commented on some equipment issues when asked. Did bring up that Jerry Green donated a used BIT van that is worth around 2k, needs a new wheel, starts right up and that is only 2 wheel drive and could be used as a very visible remote mobile studio. Not sure if we need it and if affordable. BK1 looking into costs of insurance etc..

Kara would like Ajax Cleaners (offering off-season deal of $150) to do a deep clean downstairs.

Staff discussed Ride Festival beer sales contract and legality of current proposal put forth by Ride Festival. KE and MI to meet with Todd and Robin soon.

NS brought to our attention that comments were made to him re the Street Dance and the lack of water, food and proper judges as well as line of sight. Will bring to Geoff's attention.


Minutes taken by Lucas Price.